Our Program

SquashDrive is a long-term, in-depth program that operates around three central pillars: academics, squash & wellness, and character development.


Daily after school academic support


Students receive a balance of tutoring and academic enrichment. SquashDrive partners with UC Berkeley and members of the Bay Area business and volunteer communities to deliver 115 hours of homework help (in addition to the academic enrichment, squash and character programming they receive) each year.

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Academic Goals

  • 100% of students matriculate to the next grade each year.

  • Students who fall behind receive the support they need to remain at grade level proficiency and on track to graduate from high school.

  • All students participate in interactive STEM workshops and are exposed to career options in the STEM field.

  • All students maintain above a C average.


Squash instruction and wellness education. 

Squash is a lifelong sport that teaches discipline, focus, and teamwork. Last year, SquashDrive offered more tournaments and week-long squash camp opportunities than ever before and saw its first student break into the top 100 nationally.

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Squash goals: 

  • 100% of students have a chance to compete in squash.

  • All students receive a minimum of 100 hours per year of squash and fitness instruction.

  • SquashDrive elite team members attain national rankings.


Building character through service opportunities and new experiences. 

Character goals: 

  • 100% of high school students have college based summer experience.

  • All students complete 10 hours of community service per year.

  • 100% of students receive individual mentoring from staff and volunteers.

Students build character through a range of service projects, cultural and mentor outings, travel opportunities, and adventure trips.

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Help us continue to grow and create more opportunities for Oakland youth.

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