Slam Tournament, May 4th, 2019

Squash players from all over the Bay Area came together on May 4 to make up the eight teams competing in the annual Slam Team Tournament to take home the SquashDrive Cup. The tournament took place at both the Olympic Club and the University Club and included competitive singles and doubles matches for players of all levels. The Razor-Tight Rails impressed all teams with their fundraising, taking home the title of most money raised. Each team showed up spirited, and SquashDrive students had the opportunity to be a part of the lively atmosphere. In the end, The Salt Shakers beat the UC Hotshots in a close 5-3 final. The Slam Team Tournament allowed the SquashDrive community to come together and show their support while meeting other members of the community, learning more about SquashDrive, and, of course, competing for the SquashDrive Cup.

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