Top student attends Lick Wilmerding

Antonio Jimenez Lopez (Class of 2022)

Antonio joined SquashDrive in 5th grade on the high recommendation of his teacher. Already a competitive soccer player and a top student, Antonio was looking for a new challenge and SquashDrive was just the thing.

Antonio took to squash quickly and, after a year with SquashDrive, had to make the difficult decision between squash and soccer. Although Antonio had been with soccer since the age of 8, he and his family realized that SquashDrive offered opportunities he would not be able to find elsewhere, and they decided to commit to squash.

Since that time, Antonio has travelled with us to compete in Philadelphia, Santa Barbara, and all over the Bay Area. SquashDrive connected him to Aim High, a five week multi-year summer program where he has had the opportunity to further explore his interest in math and science. Last year, Antonio was elected team captain and secured a spot on SquashDrive's elite team.

These accomplishments are just the beginning for Antonio. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up and is attending Lick Wilmerding in the fall, a private college prep school that specializes in engineering and technology. We're so proud of you Antonio and we can't wait to see what you'll do next!